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Who do we work with?

Through our extensive experience we have developed a full understanding of how RiserSafe® meets the needs of each construction specialism.

  • Principal Designers

    Principal Designers

    RiserSafe® is a patented cast-in safety system with a guaranteed loading of 2.5 kn/m2, allowing maintenance by the client’s team to be carried out safely.

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  • Quantity Surveyors

    Project Manager/PQS

    RiserSafe® mitigates cost creep risk in the riser zone and provides positive overall programme opportunities.

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  • Main Contractors

    Main Contractors

    RiserSafe® eliminates risks of falls and fire while increasing productivity on-site, and opens up multiple work fronts which is not possible with other products. The system enables direct cost savings over other products over the life of the project.

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  • M & E Consultants

    M & E Consultants

    By specifying RiserSafe® in the design, the consultant ensures that a BIM compliant 3D design and check of the service positions will be carried out between the trades in conjunction with Ambar Kelly.

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  • Structural Engineers

    RiserSafe® provides immediate collective fall protection through engineer-designed voids. Our details cater for connections into steel composite, reinforced concrete, precast concrete and post-tensioned slabs.

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  • Architects


    By specifying RiserSafe® you can close out the designer’s risk assessment for falls and fires in risers, as well as reduce fire load as per Approved Document B (ADB).

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