Ambar Kelly

Project Manager/PQS

When it comes to finding a riser zone solution, key considerations for project managers are cost and time effectiveness. By taking a different approach to look at visible costs as opposed to on-costs, significant savings can be made by selecting Ambar Kelly’s RiserSafe®.

For project managers, if the right choice is made, they can make savings in every package and increase the speed of build. Other methods such as GRP may have lower costs from the outset, yet over a project’s timeline, costs quickly accrue due to the actions required to get the job done. With Ambar Kelly’s help, these actions can be drawn out and accounted for, giving a clear vision of costs. Package transfers can be made before contracts are signed, providing project managers with cost certainty for the total riser solution at a fixed cost from the outset, saving large amounts of money, time, and risk. 

Not only is cost reduced, RiserSafe® drives projects to early completion as multiple work fronts are available for all trade contractors to work on at every floor, safely. This benefit reduces cost and time significantly.

Ambar Kelly offers a free consultancy service to project managers, providing clear cost analyses of a total riser solution. We draw on our expertise to provide insight into:

  • Passive fire protection methods required to meet five industry standards
  • Fine tuning the coordinated design in the virtual world to eliminate risk onsite

Doing so increases the speed of build, as a holistic, proactive approach has been taken.