Designer and manufacturer of RiserSafe®
CE Certified
SCCS Certificates
Patented Design
GB 2429021B
GB 2443693B
Health & Safety
CDM 2015 Compliant

RiserSafe® is a total riser zone solution

Works with all frame types

How can RiserSafe® help you?

Through our extensive experience we have developed a full understanding of how RiserSafe® meets the needs of each construction specialism.
We make it easy for you to design the riser zone to meet your objectives.

By working with our technical team, we’ll provide all required specification details for your design to ensure you meet safety and fire risk standards whilst also maximising service routes.
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Access calculations, specifications and typical technical performance data.

Through our extensive experience, we have amassed a large amount of technical information to suit the structural engineers needs from calculations through to the technical performance of RiserSafe®.
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We provide expert knowledge and advice to meet the needs of M&E Consultants

The M&E services of any working building are the arteries and the riser zone the heart. Through our extensive experience we are able to provide expert knowledge and advice for the M&E consultant.
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Minimising disruption and cost through planning and safety.

We understand that the riser zone is a small cost compared to the total build value of a project but using traditional methods of construction carries a large risk.
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Access tools and tables to make cost calculations and comparisons easier.

We understand the need to compare costs with alternative riser zone solutions. That’s why we offer a range of cost comparison tools and tables.
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RiserSafe® eliminates the risk of workers falling from height - no riser zone hole, no risk.

Eliminates the risk of falling from height because there is no hole to fall through from the moment the RiserSafe® unit is installed.
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Don’t get your fingers burned. Use our guide inside to help you through the statutory regulations / instruments that you need to be aware of with regard to risks within riser openings

Benefits of RiserSafe®

Saves money, time and risk.
Risersafe in steel deck

RiserSafe® eliminates risk of falling from height through floor openings. With RiserSafe® there’s no hole so no risk. It also provides 11 functions across a construction site which save money, time and risk.
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CAD Team

In-house CAD technicians.
RiserSafe CAD design

Our CAD team work with the client to develop the exact interface requirements. These are approved by the client and the units are produced in our factory then supplied to site for the frame contractor.
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Our Factory

Certified manufacturing capabilities
Welder Ambar Kelly

Each RiserSafe® unit is manufactured to CE execution class II, structural steel and welded to the relevant welding procedure specification (WPS) by a certified coded welder. 
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