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Fall, Fire, Cost & Time: How To Avoid Failure

What does the CPD cover?

This RIBA accredited CPD presentation - entitled - ‘Falls, Fire Cost & Time: How to Avoid Failure’ looks at riser shafts and the importance of eliminating risk through design.

The presentation provides an overview of riser shafts and the challenges they pose. It looks at the worst shaft fire in living memory, to ask whether the construction industry is heeding the lessons learnt from this disastrous event. It explores the areas the industry must focus on, to highlight the design considerations which must be adopted to ensure risk is eliminated at a project’s earliest stages and provides an in-depth insight into current testing and regulations. It then looks at the materials used in riser design and the misconceptions surrounding them. the CPD’s concluding thought is one of simplicity; stressing the importance of eliminating risk through informed, efficient design undertaken from a building’s very inception.