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  • About Us: RiserSafe®

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    Who are Ambar Kelly and how do we holistically address riser safety with Risersafe®? Watch our video to find out how we model, manufacture, coordinate with the wider project team, deliver to the site and more.

  • CPD: How to avoid failure

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    This RIBA certified CPD presentation from Ambar Kelly takes a look at fall, fire, cost and time associated with riser shafts and methods of minimising falls and designing out risk from initial building design stages.

  • RiserSafe® Comparison

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    This short video highlights the difference between Ambar Kelly's RiserSafe® units, traditional scaffolding and GRP methods, including a lifetime cost analysis.

  • HoloLens Technology

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    Using multiple sensors and VR, the HoloLens technology allows architects, designers and contractors to see designs in 3D format. The holograms can be used to display information, blend with the real world and simulate a virtual world.

  • Ortho resin grp

    Ortho Resin GRP

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    See how Ortho Resin GRP reacts in the event of a fire.

  • GRP_and_risersafe_fire_comparison

    GRP and RiserSafe® comparison

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    Watch how GRP grating compares to RiserSafe® during a fire test comparison, to highlight different intensities within the same time period.

  • GRP fire test thumbnail

    Fire test ISO resin based GRP

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    Do you know what building materials are composed of when using them during the construction process of a tall building? What if you don't realise that you've got a dormant fuel cell on your hands? We ask you to reconsider your existing riser zone solutions.

  • Electrical Riser thumbnail

    Electrical Riser Mock Up

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    T Clarke and Ambar Kelly worked together to prove single storey height electrical modules that work well with with our RiserSafe® units.

  • Skanska modular riser thumbnail

    Skanska Modular Riser

    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    Skanska and Ambar Kelly worked together on proving a single storey height mechanical module could work well with RiserSafe® system during construction.

  • Total riser zone system thumbnail


    October 03 2022 / News & Views

    RiserSafe® eliminates risk of falling from height through floor openings. With RiserSafe® there’s no hole so no risk. It also provides 11 functions across a construction site which save money, time and risk.