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RiserSafe® can be used for all different types of structure in-situ concrete, steel frame composite deck, precast , twinwall and lattice slab, post tensioned slab, post fit for refurbs

RiserSafe® applications for all frame types and flat pack / retrofit.

  • Concrete Frame with pre-cut plates

    RiserSafe® with designed penetrations and lids fixed in the primary unit.

    A concrete frame is a common form of structure, comprising a network of columns and connecting beams that forms the structural...

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  • Steel Frame with plain durbar plates

    RiserSafe® supplied with blank floor plates to be changed out for new pre-cut floor plates and lids once the M&E design done.

    Steel frame is a building technique with a “skeleton frame” of vertical steel...

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  • Post Tension Concrete Frame with pre-cut plate

    RiserSafe® with designed penetrations and lids fixed in the primary unit.

    Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete slabs which provides pre-stressing through tensioned steel cables or strands...

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  • Retrofit Flat Pack

    Made complete then deconstructed into flat pack onto pallets (like a readymade kitchen). Assembled by the subcontractor on site.

    A term given to RiserSafe® units which have been bespoke manufactured to a...

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  • RiserSafe® Soaker Plate

    This video shows the gap between the service and floor plates required to fit flanged services through. Once installed the gap is closed off by RiserSafe® soaker plate.

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