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The Whole not the Hole

This campaign is based on the idea that principal designers and contractors throughout the construction industry, are only focused on the holes in structural floors. These holes that sit one above each other are known as risers, and contractors are only focused on the risk of the hole, because it presents the obvious danger of falling from height. However, they often miss the less obvious, but fatal risk of fire, which is caused by a lack of cohesive design that is vital to using the correct permanent riser flooring for the maintenance of those mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services that feed the building.  

Fire safety is of paramount importance but is often divided into different work packages (silos), resulting in a disconnected approach to building design and procurement. This lack of cohesion has manifested in tragic events such as the Kings Cross underground station and Grenfell Tower fires, in which both buildings used long established combustible products. Contractors are preoccupied with controlling costs and the visible risk associated with working from height. This, combined with the desire to meet regulations, results in the whole design of the riser shaft not being fully considered to include the right permanent flooring that is essential, often leaving the critical aspect of fire safety neglected. The false confidence in the siloed thinking in the industry prevents an essential consideration of the whole project, not just the hole in the floor risk, to be managed. Ambar Kelly launched this campaign with the hope that the industry will become more conscious of all the elements required for fire safety: location, combustibility: and environment. A focus on incorporating all of these elements in riser flooring design will naturally improve fire safety.

Ambar Kelly takes a holistic and detailed approach to risers with its modular riser flooring (RiserSafe®). The purpose of the RiserSafe® is threefold: to save on costs, to save on time, and to save lives. Sadly, the industry still considers cost in the same sentence as safety.  RiserSafe® is the complete non-combustible permanent riser flooring from the moment the structure is formed, designed to last the life of the building, and to be recycled. Effectively, the RiserSafe® is designed for immediate safety, reducing the overall time of the construction programme, and is far safer in terms of fire protection.  

The system is highly flexible and versatile that meets all the regulations, guidelines, and codes of practice alongside various project requirements. As a result, the value of RiserSafe® comes from the savings in activities in other trade packages therefore saving costs. 3D modelling, and technical support of our contracts managers to create the bespoke design and manufactured product that is right first time. This is essential to incorporate over 16 separate interfaces (trades) incorporated within the riser shaft (zone) and the other disciplines. When MEP subcontractors need to fit their services, they simply remove the lids protecting the penetrations provided in the floor plates of the units and install the services based on the coordinated design.

Save on Time

Time is the one thing you can spend and never get back.
RiserSafe® is a completely innovative approach to riser
flooring; saving valuable time. The bespoke modelling
and off-site fabrication allow RiserSafe® units to simply
be delivered to the site and cast into the structural frame
(regardless of type), substantially saving time and costs.

Our flooring product reduces the need for materials and
labour in other trade packages, such as shuttering, edge trim,
hand rails (removing the fall from height risk), temporary fire
doors stopping the spread of smoke and flame, and trimmer
steels or concrete beams which are typically required during
construction to build fire walls to separate risers.

The revolutionary approach of RiserSafe® is to reduce work
required by other trades, therefore saving thousands of man
hours, meeting all legislation, guidelines and codes of practice
or design intent in a single option, opening-up many work
faces to increase buildability and reduce time on-site to allow
programme betterment; ensuring that your valuable time is
well spent.

Save on Costs

RiserSafe® is a permanent modular riser flooring system by
Ambar Kelly. It is a fixed cost answer to flooring in a shaft
(a chimney by another name) that occurs in every multistorey
building in the world. Our innovative approach to
riser flooring design is a completely bespoke product, which
provides a single tested solution to the 16 separate interfaces
within the riser shaft (zone)*.

RiserSafe® is custom-made flooring with pre-cut holes to
vertically route mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering
(MEP) services. Therefore, Ambar Kelly’s bespoke product
eradicates the need for on-site workmanship to vertically route
those services at every floor level to feed the building users’
needs and to complete construction of the riser shaft.

The unique value of RiserSafe® comes from the savings in
activities and materials in other trade packages that touch the
riser shaft (zone)*, significantly reducing project expenses. 3D
modelling and technical support of our contracts managers
enables the creation of a fully customised product that is right the
first time. Although other fall protection products on the market
may seem cheaper, they only deal with the single function of fall
protection - and not all those necessary interfaces in one product
that are required of a permanent riser flooring. There are no
additional costs or on-site modifications as these are overcome
(detailed) in the virtual world before reaching site, making it the
long-term economical solution. Adopting RiserSafe® protects
your project against gratuitous costs.

Save Lives

Ambar Kelly’s philosophy is that prevention is better than
cure when it comes to on-site safety. This is the fundamental
purpose of RiserSafe® system.

We believe that no employee’s life should ever be put at risk
by falling from height, or the spread of fire and smoke through
construction or the buildings use.

The unique design of RiserSafe® ensures that no lives are lost. Our product simultaneously forms and protects the riser opening, from the moment the floor structure is created, providing a physical barrier to remove the risk through design: no hole no risk. Therefore, from client specification through to completion the entire supply chain is confident in the knowledge that its worksites are safe.