Ambar Kelly


By specifying RiserSafe® you can close out the designer’s risk assessment for falls and fires in risers, as well as reduce fire load as per Approved Document B (ADB).

In terms of riser shaft design, Ambar Kelly’s modular riser steel flooring provides a single solution to all the architect’s requirements. Not only does Ambar Kelly’s solution and service enable greater awareness of holistic riser shaft design, Ambar Kelly can help architects with the riser location and the design of flooring in riser shafts. 

With architects responsible for riser shaft design as per the requirements outlined in CDM 2015 Principles of Prevention, Ambar Kelly is on hand to guide architects through the riser zone design process. Ambar Kelly offers a free consultancy service to give specification advice of the design and construction of riser shafts, ensuring a holistic blueprint is produced.