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Main Contractors

RiserSafe® eliminates risks of falls and fire while increasing productivity on-site, and opens up multiple work fronts which is not possible with other products. The system enables direct cost savings over other products over the life of the project.

Main contractors play a pivotal role in the delivery and overall execution of the riser zone. Their key requirements and responsibilities are to mitigate risks including fire and falls from height, determine the positioning of riser walls and look at passive fire protection in and around riser shafts. 

Early engagement

Main contractors can work with Ambar Kelly from the outset to ensure their requirements are met. Engaging with Ambar Kelly at the earliest possible point of a project will account for all the challenges relating to the riser shaft that main contractors need to overcome. Earlier engagement essentially means there is more time to plan, a process which pays in dividends later down the project line.

Ambar Kelly offers a free advice and 3d modelling service to ensure a successful build. With this support, main contractors can be confident of a holistic review. Ambar Kelly provide a free Riser Review Report (RRR) that will set out the main contractors risks associated with the standards, construction type and service demand, so that the design and construction of the riser shaft is correct before reaching site.