Ambar Kelly

M & E Consultants

By specifying RiserSafe® in the design, the consultant ensures that a BIM compliant 3D design and check of the service positions will be carried out between the trades in conjunction with Ambar Kelly.

MEP consultants are fundamental to the design of the services being routed through riser openings. Their influence on design is instrumental in the success of a building in use. However, there is a need to understand the passive fire protection measures on the structural design and how this can affect the service routing of the buildability of any scheme. In many cases, high level services can be impeded by structure and are only dealt with during construction, which causes delays and costs. If captured as part of the design concept, these challenges can be designed-out long before the construction starts.

Passive fire protection

This does not feature in MEP design because it is not discipline centric. However, in high rise buildings there will be a demand to meet the horizontal fire protection measures required during construction to meet the codes of practice, and in the permanent, Approved Document B. If this is not captured early then this can cause significant costs and delays.