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One Sherwood Street New Project Win

January 25 2021

One Sherwood Street will be the focal point of a new development set to rejuvenate the London quarter home to the iconic Piccadilly Lights. The One Sherwood Street project will transform the space behind the world-famous billboards into a new six-story, mixed-use building with three basement levels comprising 111,000 sq. ft of commercial office space, 30,000 sq. ft retail and seven new residential units.

Designed by architects Fletcher Priest, One Sherwood Street is a LandSec development, with main contractor Wates overseeing the construction programme. Ambar Kelly was selected for this project as it has gained a strong reputation for eliminating risk through design. Its pioneering, patented system RiserSafe® is a product which epitomises LandSec’s commitment to health and safety, as highlighted in the developer’s ‘One Best Way’ standard. Wates also highly recommended Ambar Kelly for this project; testament to RiserSafe®’s safety and innovation.

The order from steel frame contractor, Severfield was made directly to Ambar Kelly. Up to 84 RiserSafe® units will be detailed and approved by the client team; manufactured by Ambar Kelly and then installed by Severfield. A single stage programme, Ambar Kelly will be detailing and providing the units with all service penetrations and fire walls beams to substitute the trimmer steels normally designed by the structural engineers for the fire walls to be built off.

RiserSafe® is a bespoke, prefabricated solution which provides 11 functions across a construction site, saving money, time and risk. Able to drive projects to a faster, cost-effective completion, RiserSafe® eliminates risk of falling from height through floor openings by sealing the opening in one action and negates the need for other costs such as temporary handrails.

As well as mitigating the risk of falls from height, RiserSafe® also enables horizontal fire protection, preventing the spread of smoke and flame in the event of fire during construction. RiserSafe® has been tested for 90 minutes at the British Research Establishment (BRE) with a temperature of 1000oC underneath without failure to its integrity. When used in conjunction with fire stopping compounds, RiserSafe® has been tested and shown to provide a 120-minute fire-rating for integrity and insulation.

With the first units being supplied in February 2021, the utilisation of RiserSafe® on this project will be proof of the system’s innovation and health and safety; two offerings that sit highly complementary to the aims and objectives of both LandSec and Wates.


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