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Ambar Kelly’s 3D Model Drives Project To Quality Finish

October 26 2020

3D modelling is playing a lead role in construction projects, increasing efficiencies and assuring quality. A solution that is here to stay, Ambar Kelly was able to utilise all the benefits it has to offer when designing its patented RiserSafe® solution for 1 Triton Square.

Located in London’s West End, 1 Triton Square is an exemplar of modern commercial building design and was rated BREEAM Outstanding, a first for developer and client British Land. At 310,000 sq. ft, 1 Triton Place was the largest West End pre-let in more than 20 years, and holds an extensive amount of state-of-the-art office space in the heart of the UK’s capital.

Ambar Kelly collaborated with main contractor Lendlease, steel frame contractor William Hare, and MEP contractor T Clarke on this project, utilising the market-leading Tekla Structures from, Trimble.

Ambar Kelly made the decisive move to use this technology due to the level of technical challenges the project posed. 1 Triton Square’s existing 1980s structure was stripped back to the original concrete and steel frame, where a new building was consequently created with an additional three floors added to the existing structure, taking the height of the premises to eight stories.

As a result of this unique complexity, project teams faced a significant challenge in terms of the design. The design stage had begun in 2D, with drawings completed in a traditional AutoCAD system. However, when the project reached level 6 of the 1 Triton Square project the transition had to be made to 3D software, in order to increase efficiencies and reduce error.

Ambar Kelly utilised Tekla Structures, software which optimises workflows with truly constructible design, detailing and information management. Commenting on why Ambar Kelly used the software Sam Cubitt, Project Coordinator at Ambar Kelly said: “We used this software because we found it was the most suitable for detailing our RiserSafe® units and producing the information required for fabricating. We adopted the software to create material reports and drawings to CNC files, which we require for our laser and plasma cutting machines.”

As the riser openings were irregular in shape – triangles and trapezoids rather than squares and rectangles – Ambar Kelly had to design its RiserSafe® units to accommodate these demands. With the 3D model, Ambar Kelly was able to see clearly how the unusually-shaped units could be craned into position and clipped together once landed, to avoid any clashes during construction. Ambar Kelly was successfully able to identify and mitigate potential construction issues in the virtual world, so that site installation could be completed swiftly and without complication. Moreover, the 3D model was a record for the activity, allowing Ambar Kelly and the following trades to align each service properly within the building.

With the 3D model Ambar Kelly was able to eliminate some of the challenges that would have arisen in 2D. “The complications we faced mostly stemmed from our initial use of 2D drawings. Although this method gave us some detail, 3D modelling allows for a more streamlined process when retrieving information, as it is available in high fidelity and in all dimensions. We are very pleased with our investment in a custom-built module provided by Trimble.”

The project was further streamlined by structural steel frame contractor, William Hare’s access to Tekla Structures, where both Hare’s and Ambar Kelly’s two designs could be integrated. Combining the 2D drawings into the 3D software created a clear model, which also incorporated the MEP services. “We were able to import other models into our Tekla solution to see what our units looked like against them, and the same applied to other contractors who needed to integrate our model into their solution,” Sam continues. “This integration is so important, as it gives a clear, holistic and true-to-life image of a building and reduces the chances of error.”

Detailing its RiserSafe® units within Tekla Structures has improved Ambar Kelly’s relationship with its contractors immensely, due to its ability to deliver drawings swiftly within a clear, high-performing 3D model.

A complex, high-profile project, the use of Trimble’s leading software ensured Ambar Kelly could transform the virtual into the physical, increasing the efficiency and quality construction of the stunning 1 Triton Square building.

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