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RiserSafe® Eliminates Risk Of Falls, Fire, Cost & Time

Riser is a universal term to identify any open conduit, shaft, tunnel, pipe, vent, etc. that rises up within a building in a complex mechanical assembly.

Every high-rise building contains a riser shaft, an important artery sending and dispensing vital mechanical and electrical services across a structure. Although vital to a building’s function, its design has to be appropriately considered to mitigate against the risks these areas can pose, namely the spread of smoke and flame and work from height. It is why Ambar Kelly manufactures and details RiserSafe®, a patented solution which eliminates the risks riser shafts present during and post the construction of multi-storey buildings.

The presence of RiserSafe® in any high-rise can make risers immediately safe in terms of falls and fire. With working at height continuing to be a perilous activity for operatives and construction’s fire safety agenda coming into greater focus post-Grenfell, the utilisation of Ambar Kelly’s RiserSafe® offers a seal of approval when it comes to safety.

As well as preventing the spread of smoke and flame and falls from height, RiserSafe® reduces cost and time significantly. Not only is it the most cost-effective solution on the market, it can knock weeks off of lengthy project programmes.

When RiserSafe® is installed, multiple work areas are created. For M&E contractors and the like, installation of their packages is 50% quicker, as a platform with pre-installed covered penetrations is present. Optimising space, RiserSafe® also offers excellent load-bearing capacity.

In the manufacturing and detailing of RiserSafe®, Ambar Kelly utilises offsite construction to save labour onsite and time spent working at height. RiserSafe® is a steel-framed unit with a steel Durbar floor, delivered to site and cast into the structural frame, providing a complete riser zone solution that works with all frame types. Specified in relation to architects’ designs, not only does its prefabrication assure the same quality finish is executed onsite, it enables ease-of-installation, keeping projects ahead of tight schedules. Furthermore, the utilisation of 3D modelling gives a clear, holistic and true-to-life image of a building and reduces the chances of error.

Very recently, an NBS Uniclass classification for the term ‘modular riser steel flooring’ was introduced. The NBS has created a brand-new category and classification for RiserSafe® on NBS Source. Listing RiserSafe® on this resource will encourage earlier engagement in the design cycle at RIBA Stage 2.

RiserSafe®’s ability to save falls, fire, cost and time is music to the ears of many contractors and project managers across the industry and is the most-trusted solution when it comes to riser zone safety contained in one specification.

What is a riser void?

Riser voids are the openings which are left to accommodate mechanical and electrical services on multiple floors of a building and can provide real safety challenges for contractors.