Ambar Kelly


We guarantee that our RiserSafe® units will carry a UDL of 2.5 kN/m2, will stop the spread of smoke and frame through risers in an untreated state and provide horizontal fire stopping of 2 hours integrity and insulation when combined with a fire product.

How do we know this? because we have tested it.

Fire tests on RiserSafe® have been carried out in the Building Research Establishment (BRE) fire hall in Watford and in conjunction with leading fire stopping suppliers which demonstrate that when used in combination with fire compound 2 hours horizontal fire protection can be achieved. See downloads in reports section.

We have also tested some of our competitors claims that GRP plastic passes fire tests, so that you don’t have too – see the results in our comparison video and judge for yourself - GRP and RiserSafe® fire test comparison.


As RiserSafe® units are provided in a myriad of shapes and sizes we type test the loading for the largest units by both calculation from our external structural engineers and confirming with empirical factory based load tests to guarantee 2.5 kN/m2. In the event that the Clients wants a higher loading or a particularly complex shape is required we will carry out additional tests to meet their requirements.