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Client Weedon Architects
Main Contractor BAM Construction
Type of Development 11 floors of modern, sustainable office areas with retail at ground level
Project Value
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An innovative riser zone system, which helps to drive on site cost efficiencies whilst reducing fire risk and falls from height, has been installed as part of a major new office project in King’s Cross, London.

On completion, 4 Handyside Street – a 175,000 sq. ft. office – will boast a stone façade, open-plan workspaces and a stunning rooftop garden. With a BREEAM rated ‘Outstanding’ design, the project will provide 11 floors of modern, sustainable office areas with retail at ground level, making it a perfect addition to the King’s Cross development.

As part of the design of this project, Ambar Kelly demonstrated its RiserSafe® solution – a total riser zone system which supplies multiple functions across the various disciplines that are involved in the riser zone – would provide benefits to key parties involved in the delivery of the project. To maximise benefit, Ambar Kelly worked with Weedon Architects, main contractor BAM Construction, frame supplier Elland Steel, tailoring its RiserSafe® solution to the project’s specific requirements.

An innovative system, RiserSafe® features a series of bespoke cut holes which allow M&E services to be efficiently installed, whilst creating a permanent connection between the building’s frames and services. It also prevents falls from height and the spread of smoke and flame through the building’s riser zone, helping to reduce on site risk.

RiserSafe® is designed to each project’s specific requirements and is manufactured off site. It is then delivered to site and crane-lifted into place, eliminating manual handling, and cast into the structural floor slab. Suitable for all frame types, including refurbishment, RiserSafe® forms and protects the hole in one action, eliminating risk associated with working at height and the spread of smoke and flame, costs and time over-runs.

During the design of the RiserSafe® units, Ambar Kelly utilised Tekla 3D modelling to ensure each unit incorporated all the interfaces between the structural steel supplied by Elland Steel and the decking provided by SMD. The company also incorporated the ‘as built’ drawings from concrete frame supplier Getjar for the jump-form core, to ensure a made-to-measure steel riser management system which would effectively link with all structural components.

Each RiserSafe® unit is designed in line with the M&E, fire wall, and horizontal fire compartmentation designs. Unlike other solutions such as GRP, this means that on site modifications to adapt to M&E requirements are not required, eliminating costs and possible delays. It also means that scaffolding and its weekly inspections, as well as temporary fire doors and a permit system to control accessing the shafts, are not required. Once installed, RiserSafe® provides a permanent finish which doesn’t require protection or ongoing work.

Providing a permanent platform, RiserSafe® assures complete safety during onsite work. It also lasts throughout a building’s lifecycle, keeping the riser zone secured, which means that every floor can be worked on simultaneously, increasing available work fronts and helping to speed-up procurement and construction.

For 4 Handyside Street, Ambar Kelly’s RiserSafe® solution has once again delivered, providing cost and time savings to a number of the project’s supply chain, as well as helping to create a safe site and a building which is resilient to the spread of smoke and flame through the riser zone.

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Notes to Editors:


RiserSafe from Ambar Kelly is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types. Almost all construction packages touch the riser zone. Ambar Kelly developed and patented the RiserSafe system to provide a complete riser zone solution that accommodates all package interfaces in absolute safety.

No two construction projects are the same, so the value of RiserSafe comes from the bespoke design and manufacture of each individual unit. This is essential to incorporate over 16 separate interfaces between the riser zone and the other disciplines. When mechanical and electrical (M&E) subcontractors need to fit their services, they simply remove the lids protecting the penetrations and install the services based on the M&E coordinated design.