Ambar Kelly

One Crown Place


Client AlloyMtd Group
Main Contractor Mace
Type of Development Residential Development
Structure Steel-frame
Project Value
Contract Value


To prevent falls from height during construction and the spread of smoke and flame during and post construction, RiserSafe®, a total riser zone solution, has been specified for One Crown Place, London and in doing so has helped save the project team over £300k whilst helping to eliminate time delays.

One Crown Place is a mixed-used building which features two residential towers located over a six storey office podium. Once complete it will provide 14,000 sq. ft. of office space and 246 private apartments.

The Mace Construction/Mace MEP teams required a system that would help manage the many risks and challenges faced with the buildings’ risers. One of the challenges faced during the construction of the project was the risk of falls from heights in riser shafts that required fire walls passing through them and horizontal fire protection. To eliminate this risk, the team specified RiserSafe® from Ambar Kelly, a full riser management system which combats many construction related issues including eliminating the risk of falling from height.

Mace worked with Ambar Kelly, which provided a total of 729 of its innovative RiserSafe® units, which accommodated all interfaces associated with the concrete frame, steel frame, M&E services, dry wall and blockwork.

When installing RiserSafe®, the bespoke units were simply cast into the structural floor slab; forming and protecting the hole in one action. This approach, devised by Ambar Kelly, eliminates risks associated with working at height and the spread of smoke and flame.

Furthermore, as RiserSafe® units are predesigned, manufactured and installed on the formwork deck or steel frame, they remove the need for riser shaft management tools such as permits, daily inspections of scaffolding and temporary fire doors. The pre-site co-ordination reduces onsite subcontractors’ time and cost, and contributes to removing the intense day-to-day management on site to ensure operatives are working in a safe environment and projects can be delivered efficiently. The cost-effective system saved the project over £300k due to eliminating alternative work, materials and processes required to protect the riser shafts during construction.

The system was championed by the entire supply chain and integrated throughout the delivery teams. Richard Grey, Project Manager at Severfield commented: “The main benefit of RiserSafe® is that it goes within the steel-frame prior to the metal decking going in. Once you have your metal decking on the steel work, then you have a completed floor where you don’t have to provide a construction handrail around your riser, which you have to have without a RiserSafe® unit. With RiserSafe® there is a huge health and safety benefit. For standard construction, where the decking sits on top of steel floor beams, it was easy to use. The RiserSafe® units definitely delivered on this complex project.”

RiserSafe® was selected as an alternative to solutions such as GRP (glass reinforced plastic) grating, where costly scaffolding or edge protection is required. Unlike GRP, RiserSafe® units are crane-lifted into place, which reduces the need for manual handling, and once in place they provide a complete barrier to fire and smoke.

Despite being a complex project, Ambar Kelly’s RiserSafe® solution will ensure both workers’ and occupants’ safety throughout One Crown Place’s lifecycle.

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