Ambar Kelly

Cost Comparison - Eliminating the risks of falls, fire, cost & time

RiserSafe® is a riser zone solution for major projects, specified by designers and adopted by main contractors, to provide the definitive cradle to grave riser zone service which includes;

• Initial strategy & regulatory advice to the design team and main contractor working under either a no cost PCSA agreement or no obligation agreement to advise feasibility and advice on riser zone options.

• 3D Tekla modelling including coordination with the structural frame contractor, M&E contractors when appointed, dry lining contractor, roofing contractor, main contractor and the design team to provide clash free designs and update the project federated model.

• Our price is inclusive of; permanent formwork for concrete, covered openings, prevention of the spread of smoke and flame through openings, structural support beams for fire walls (blockwork or drylining), dropped plate tray for 2 hour fire stopping compound, factory forming of unlimited holes and sacrificial lids through our durbar RiserSafe® floor including any strengthening supports due to service holes, extended roof units to provide immediate weather protection and form the substrate for roofing membranes or concrete upstand.

• In the event that the M&E information is not available at the start of the project for the initial units, new plates with the required penetrations can simply be called off from our schedule of rates and exchanged.

• Attendance of, and chairing if required by the main contractor, riser coordination meetings to ensure that the riser zone runs smoothly throughout the project

• Continued attendance to site after initial installation to assist M&E and main contractors as required, including a final walk down report for the main contractor as well as contributing to the operational and maintenance manual including as build drawing documentation.

Our price is fixed at the outset of the project, our service and RiserSafe® product drives projects to early completion as; multiple work fronts are available for all trade contractors to work on every floor at one, the solution has been modelled in 3D coordinated and proven to work and trade contractors are on board with the simple, safe & reliable riser zone solution that is RiserSafe®.

Other solutions such as GRP grating, whether site fixed or supplied in units to be cast in, may appear cheaper at the outset of the project but that will only account for a small part of the riser solution that will have to be purchased ad-hoc through the project, beware “all that glisters is not gold”.