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Why RiserSafe?

Eliminates risk of falling from height through floor openings known as risers. No hole no risk.
Provides 11 functions across a construction site which save money, time and risk.

1. Permanent formwork for concrete

Temporary shuttering or steel frame trims are not required therefore saves money

2. Removes the need for hand rails

There’s no hole so no need for hand rails which saves time and money

3. Stops the spread of smoke and flame between floors

Meet the Fire Prevention on Construction Sites Joint Codes of Practice during construction. Fire tested “standard” unit for 90min without loss of integrity which removes the need to buy temporary fire doors.

Learn more about Fire Prevention on Construction Sites Joint Codes of Practice

4. Load Bearing up to 6 tons

Load tested for heavy services to be fixed to the RiserSafe® units saving the unistrut materials and build time which therefore saves money

5. Storage Area for construction materials

Because you have steel floors and not a hole or plastic grating with hand rails around the openings, people often store materials or use the RiserSafe® floor as access areas freeing up logistics across the site.

6. Formwork for horizontal fire protection materials

By dropping the floor plate 50mm down inside the unit we have created a tray for the fire compound to be installed easily and safely

7. Fixing points for separating walls

Drylined walls can be built straight off the RiserSafe® unit removing the need to add more steel to build like GRP

8. Fixing points for fire walls

Beams can be positioned to fix fire walls directly to RiserSafe® units. This has been done on many projects.

9. Part of the fixing points for heavy M&E services

As explained in section 4, fixing mechanisms/catches can be added to assist in the fixing of heavy services which saves build time and money

10. Casting and weathering properties for the top of service riser shafts

The RiserSafe® unit has 5 functions in one action at the roof; 1) shuttering of roof slab, 2) back shuttering of upstand/bunded wall, 3) no hole no risk, 4) weather protection with the steel floor plate in inclement weather and 5) substructure for insulation and roofing membrane.

11. Drives M&E design to early completion

Removes problems before they are on the critical path effecting the trades and costing money.

ME Services in RiserSafe
Risersafe in steel deck

Introduction to RiserSafe®

A patented design that is adapted to meet individual interface requirements for each project.

RiserSafe® is a total riser zone solution, that works with all frame types. Almost all construction packages touch the riser zone. Ambar Kelly developed and patented the RiserSafe® system to provide a complete riser zone solution that accommodates all package interfaces in absolute safety.

The design of RiserSafe® is driven by the interface requirements for each project and therefore is manufactured to meet the individual needs of a project.

How does RiserSafe® work?

The frame contractors install the RiserSafe® units. If necessary the mechanical and electrical (M&E) subcontractors change the blank floor plates for new pre-cut floor plates with lids “Tec” screwed at the factory for complete safety on site.

No two construction projects are the same, so the value of RiserSafe® comes from the bespoke design and manufacture of each individual unit. This is essential to incorporate over 16 separate interfaces between the riser zone and the other disciplines. When mechanical and electrical (M&E) subcontractors need to fit their services they simply remove the lids protecting the penetrations and install the services based on the M&E coordinated design.

Every RiserSafe® unit is manufactured to meet the required performance of its intended use. Rather than having components sent and built on site, the RiserSafe® units are supplied complete for lifting into place. All the requirements are accessed and factored into the RiserSafe® production including:

  • Providing SWL 250kgs/m2 regardless of number of penetrations required in the floor plate
  • Depth of the walls for shuttering purposes
  • Volume and location of M&E services routes through the units
  • Fire Prevention
  • Construction of fire walls
  • Providing lifting or fixing points for heavy services
  • Logistics for roads and sites

Our Capabilities

Our in house facilities ensure a seamless process from start to finish

Our in house capabilities include dedicated project coordinators, CAD technicians, certified manufacturing facilities and a fully accredited fleet of vehicles.

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