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SCCS Certificates
Patented Design
GB 2429021B
GB 2443693B
Health & Safety
CDM 2015 Compliant


Do I need the M&E coordinated design ready to use RiserSafe®?

No, we can provide blank floor plates in the primary units as seen in the videos. Later we would then supply new floor plates with pre-cut penetrations and lids fixed at the factory. This allows plenty of time to provide the M&E coordinated design.

Can we build fire walls off your RiserSafe® system?

Yes, at no extra cost.

Has RiserSafe® been used for fire protection?

Yes in two applications. Stop the spread of smoke and flame during construction and as formwork to install fire compound.

How strong is RiserSafe®?

It is guaranteed to provide 250kgs/m2 SWL or 2.5kn/m2

Can RiserSafe® take tower scaffolding?


How long does it take to get the RiserSafe® unit form order to site?

6 weeks, one week to for us to design, one week to approve, 4 weeks to manufacture.

Can RiserSafe® be retrofitted?

Yes, we make it complete and then deconstruct into flat pack onto pallets (like a readymade kitchen). Assembled by the subcontractor on site.

Can you cut more holes in the floor plate if we have forgotten something?

Yes but its better if we plan an area in a riser which has spare capacity and section the floor plates in a number so each can be replaced with new pre-cut floor plates with the right hole size for the new service.

Can RiserSafe® support heavy loads?

Yes, we have load tested the beams up to 6 tons.

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