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Through our extensive experience, we have amassed a large amount of technical information and cost comparisons to suit the needs of all specialisms associated with the construction process. These are available by registering with Ambar Kelly.

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Precast Concrete Frame with M & E Design

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RiserSafe® Technical Submission Document

Overview of the RiserSafe® product which provides information to interested parties seeking technical information.

RiserSafe® Fire Test Reports

Individual RiserSafe® product performance reports from fire testing carried out at the British Research Establishment (BRE).

RiserSafe® Typical Drawing Details

CAD drawings covering various situations we encounter regularly.

RiserSafe® Draft Specification

Draft specification text which allows specifiers to provide a scope of works to join all the necessary specification parts into one document.

RiserSafe® standard components list

RiserSafe® standard components list.

RiserSafe® Strength Calculations and Test Data

It is necessary for structural engineers to know RiserSafe® is structurally correct for their design, we have included the structural calculations for their reference.

RiserSafe® Flat Pack Typical Drawing Details

Photos and drawing details of RiserSafe® Flat Pack units which have been bespoke manufactured to a specific size in the factory then deconstructed and placed onto pallets before being transported to site and reassembled into the existing openings.

RiserSafe® Comparison Tools and Tables

When people are first introduced to RiserSafe® they compare our riser zone system to a fall arrest platform like Glass Reinforced Plastic Grating (GRP). When they see the cost, they perceive we are 50% more expensive than GRP. What is missed in the evaluation process are the other activities across the project that are not considered when viewing a fall arrest platform in a single package context. Regardless of choice there are certain activities that must be satisfied.

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