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Managing Health and Safety in Construction

RiserSafe® is CDM compliant

RiserSafe® helps your specialism meet the needs of CDM2015

Below are key extracts from CDM 2015 regulations as set out in HSE Managing Health and Safety in Construction.

These set out the principles dutyholders should use in their approach to identifying the measures they should take to control the risks to health and safety in a particular project. The general principles of prevention are set out in full in Appendix 1 of HSE Managing Health and Safety in Construction, but in summary they are to:

  1. avoid risks where possible;
  2. evaluate those risks that cannot be avoided; and
  3. put in place proportionate measures that control them at source.
HSE Managing Health and Safety in Construction

CDM 2015 requires designers, principle designers, principle contractors and contractors to take account of the principles in carrying out their duties.

Eliminating, reducing or controlling foreseeable risks through design

When designing, a designer must consider the risks people may be exposed to through the course of both constructing a building and using it once it is constructed. Designing is a process that often continues throughout the project and the following questions should be considered when design is carried out:

  • Can I get rid of the problem (or hazard) altogether? For example, can air-conditioning plant on a roof be moved to ground level, so work at height is not required for either installation or maintenance?
  • If not, how can I reduce or control the risks, so that harm is unlikely or the potential consequences less serious? For example, can I place the plant within a building on the roof, or provide a barrier around the roof?

Download the full copy of HSE Managing Health and Safety in Construction.

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