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SCCS Certificates
Patented Design
GB 2429021B
GB 2443693B
Health & Safety
CDM 2015 Compliant

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineer Requirements

Access calculations, specifications and typical technical performance data.

We have amassed a large amount of technical information to suit the needs of structural engineers from calculations through to the technical performance of RiserSafe®.

Benefits for Structural Engineers

Our technical team are on hand to provide assistance.
  • Access to technical submissions documents, which provide references to the steels and materials used, help to simplify the design process
  • We can provide assistance to utilise RiserSafe® in the frame construction in order to assist load transfer points for heavy services required by mechanical and electrical contractors through the RiserSafe® units
  • Safety through design and manufactured to execution class II structural steel



RiserSafe® is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types.
Steel Frame with M & E Design

Watch our videos which demonstrate how RiserSafe® works with all frame types.

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