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GB 2429021B
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M&E Consultants

M&E Consultant Requirements

We provide expert knowledge and advice to meet the needs of M&E Consultants

We understand that the M&E services of any working building are the arteries and the riser zone the heart. Through our extensive experience we are able to provide expert knowledge and advice for the M&E consultant to help them maximise service routes and achieve the most efficient design possible.

Benefits for M&E Consultants

Achieve the most efficient riser zone design possible.

RiserSafe® units make mechanical and engineering service installation simple, efficient and safe.

  • Drives planning and design of the riser zone removing non-tangible costs 
  • Maximise M&E service routes and use RiserSafe® system as part of the permanent fixing mechanism
  • Positioning and fixing of the M&E services can be planned out before construction has started for fast installation. Less reactionary works during construction reduces time and costs.
  • M&E subcontractor confidence is assured as planning helps cost control and installation sequence
  • Multi level working made possible because there are steel floors protecting the workforce
  • We guarantee to provide a safe working load (SWL) of 250kgs/m2


RiserSafe® is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types.
Post Tension Concrete Frame without M & E Design

Watch our videos which demonstrate our RiserSafe® works with all frame types.

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