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Main Contractors

Main Contractor Requirements

Minimising disruption and cost through planning and safety.

We understand that the riser zone is a small cost compared to the total build value of a project but using traditional methods of construction carries a large risk. When the riser zone is not managed efficiently it can significantly slow down a project and therefore increase expense and construction time.

The single biggest safety risks on construction sites are falling from height. RiserSafe® helps contractors make their schemes the safest possible.

We can provide expertise and support to develop the riser zone strategy that allows construction to flow, minimising disruption and cost through planning and safety.

Benefits for Main Contractors

Significantly reduces cost, time and safety risks


RiserSafe® is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types.
plate with bespoke M&E service openings

Watch our videos which demonstrate our RiserSafe® works with all frame types.

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