Designer and manufacturer of RiserSafe®
CE Certified
SCCS Certificates
Patented Design
GB 2429021B
GB 2443693B
Health & Safety
CDM 2015 Compliant


Architect Requirements

We make it easy for you to design the riser zone to meet your objectives.

By working with our technical team, we’ll provide all required specification details for your design to ensure you meet safety and fire risk standards whilst maximising M&E service routes.

Benefits for Architects

Incorporate innovation into your design to reduce costs, time and risk

Through our huge collective experience, our technical team can offer best working practices and specification details to allow you to easily incorporate all the design aspects of the riser zone, allowing your design to:

  • Meet its obligations under CDM 2015 “to avoid risk” by offering a unique product that removes the hole (riser) and therefore the risk of trades working at height
  • Deal with safety and fire risk in the temporary and the permanent state
  • Maximise M&E design to reduce the riser openings in floors which increases saleable floor space
  • Incorporate innovation into your design using our unique patented system
  • Improve your specification & scope by working with our in-house CAD team to produce drawings and 3D modelling
  • Capture all the interface details in your design


RiserSafe® is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types.
Precast Concrete Frame with M & E Design

Watch our videos which to see how RiserSafe® works with all frame types.

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