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How can RiserSafe® help you?

In addition to RiserSafe® reducing costs and increasing productivity, the system will also help your specialism meet the requirements of CDM 2015

The driving principle of CDM 2015 is to ‘eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risk through design’. RiserSafe® meets those obligations under CDM 2015 “to avoid risk” by offering a unique product that removes the hole in the floor known as the “riser” from the moment the slab is formed and therefore takes away the risk of trades working at height.

What are my responsibilities under CDM 2015?

For further assistance, we are on hand to demonstrate how RiserSafe®  can help your specialism in the construction process. Call one of our technical team today on 01707 324523.

HSE Managing Health and Safety in Construction
We make it easy for you to design the riser zone.

By working with our technical team, we’ll provide can provide all specification details for your design to ensure you meet safety and fire risk standards, whilst maximising M&E service routes.
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Access calculations, specifications and typical technical performance data.

Through our long experience, we have amassed a large amount of technical information to suit the structural engineers needs from calculations through to the technical performance of RiserSafe®.
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We provide expert knowledge and advice to meet the needs of M&E Consultants

The M&E services of any building are the arteries and the riser zone the heart. Through our working experience we are able to provide expert knowledge and advice for the M&E consultant.
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Minimising disruption and cost through planning and safety.

We understand that the riser zone is a small value compared to the overall cost of a project but it is the working at height during construction that carries a largest risk on any site.
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Access tools and tables to make cost calculations and comparisons easier.

We understand the importance of comparing costs with alternative riser options. That’s why we offer a range of cost comparison tools and tables.
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RiserSafe® eliminates the risk of workers falling from height - no hole, no risk.

Eliminates the risk of falling from height because there is no hole to fall through from the moment the RiserSafe® unit is installed.
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