SlingerSafe - The fall protection system for safety of the workforce when lorry loading.

At Ambar Kelly we have developed a system for the safe loading / unloading of lorries that features a 6.2m self retracting lifeline complying to EN 360 and is tested in accordance with EN 795B.

Feel confident in providing your workforce with a secure safety system for lorry loading.

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  • Safety system for loading and unloading vehicles
  • 6.2m self retracting lifeline complying to EN 360
  • Built in shock absorber
  • Adjustable feet for uneven ground


  • Full coverage of articulated vehicle using 2 units
  • Conforms to EN 795B load testing
  • Low friction swivel for ease of use


  • Standard, with tabs for plywood base and sides for gravel ballast
  • Concrete blocks, including forklift slots

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