Case Study 1 - Pharmaceutical Client, Ware

The Client's laboratory building near Ware, Hertfordshire was built by Bovis Lend Lease between November 2007 and April 2009. The fast-track nature of the project meant that numerous innovative design solutions and off site fabrication processes were able to be used to reduce the programme time, increase safety and productivity. RiserSafe was therefore selected by Bovis Lend Lease for the southern section of the building to meet these criteria.

The structural frame erection commenced in November 2007 and RiserSafe units were lifted into place by the steel frame contractor as the structure progressed, eliminating the hazard of penetrations through the floor slabs. The initial RiserSafe units, with plain Durbar plates, were cast in place during December and January. Their flush finish with the floor enabled high level service installation to proceed off of MEWP's and towers on an obstruction free floor plate. This was in marked contrast to the Northern section of the building where traditional handrails, mesh and netting partially protected floor openings where RiserSafe had not been used.

Following the coordinated design, the new plates (with service penetrations pre-cut and covered) were delivered to site and installed, allowing installation of services off of a safe platform. The services in these areas were completed many weeks before areas where RiserSafe had not been used.

Matt Fealey, Construction Manager of Bovis Lend Lease commented on the use of RiserSafe:

"The installation of RiserSafe was trouble free, our frame contractor simply dropped them in place in minutes, and the lifting eyes built in to each unit were a nice touch. Once cast-in you actually forget they are there!

Changing the plates several months later was a simple process, the new plates were delivered on a pallet, banded with spacers between each plate, allowing them to be lifted straight into position with nothing more technical than a set of manhole keys.

The M&E contractor progressed the works far more quickly in the areas with RiserSafe units as they weren't reliant on someone else to modify scaffold handrails or cut holes through plywood temporary covers. They simply took off the individual cover plate over the pre-cut hole for their pipe and ductwork. A further advantage was that the services actually went in where the Design Team had intended them to go rather than where the operative decides its easier to put them as so often happens on-site.

Overall using RiserSafe made construction far easier and safer for the M&E operatives and significantly reduced the workload on the Construction Manager."

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